500BestSquareCoq Au Vin @ Muriel’s

Used to be that every restaurant in town had a chicken dish, whether it was a low-end neighborhood place or a dressy, expensive palate. Now, except for Asian places, fried chicken specialists, and the oldest major restaurants, interesting chicken is hard to find. And here it is, at Muriel’s, a decidedly modern but very Creole-French cafe on Jackson Square. Here is an old classic that we don’t encounter very often, the chicken braised with red wine, pearl onions and mushrooms. On the side is a fresh herb- roasted garlic bread pudding and haricot verts. One of the best dishes from the hand of longtime Muriel’s Chef Erik Veney.

Indoor courtyard at Muriel’s.

Muriel’s. French Quarter: 801 Chartres. 504-568-1885.

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