500BestSquarePanneed Veal With Fettuccine Alfredo @ Austin’s

Everybody going back several generations in New Orleans grew up eating panneed veal–thin slices of veal round encrusted with bread crumbs and browned in a pan. But until the late 1970s the dish was almost never seen in restaurants. Then the Age Of The Gourmet Creole Bistro began, and all of the new restaurants in that style began serving panneed veal. Curiously, most of them included fettuccine Alfredo as a side dish. This combination has since spread to at least a hundred of restaurants, even though the combination is considered old hat by now. But that’s exactly the kind of food at which Austin’s excels, and here it is, in a more generous serving than average.

"Who had the panneed veal and fettuccine?"

“Who had the panneed veal and fettuccine?”

Austin’s. Metairie: 5101 West Esplanade Ave . 504-888-5533.

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