500BestSquarePompano David @ Arnaud’s

The fish entree I most often order at Arnaud’s often brings a response from the waiter that it’s an unadorned dish designed primarily for dieters. The fish is flattop grilled after being encrusted with an assortment of herbs and peppers. If there’s any butter, it’s a light brushing before the fish hits the grill. And there’s no sauce at all. But pompano is such a superior fish that it needs no gilding. If I have a reservation about this, it’s that the kitchen overcooks this a touch. Even then, it’s a great taste. Now the semi-bad news: pompano David has left Arnaud’s menu. Good news: they will make it for you if you will but ask.


Arnaud’s. French Quarter: 813 Bienville. 504-523-5433.

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