500BestSquarePorterhouse Steak For Two, Three Or Four @ Crescent City Steak House

The porterhouse is the steak for people who really love steak. The presence of the bones, exterior rind, and interior fat all make for a better flavor. Here at the Crescent City–the only steakhouse in town that dry-ages most of its steaks–the added flavor from the aging conspires to create a steak that actually has too much flavor for the less enthusiastic carnivore. The steak comes pre-cut from the kitchen, but sizzling in butter all the way. That last touch was pioneered by the Crescent City when it opened in 1934. It’s not as glitzy as the top-end steakhouses, but it’s about a third less expensive, too. Given its proximity to the Fair Grounds, I’ll bet the Crescent City has a big weekend.

Crescent City Steak House. Mid-City: 1001 N Broad. 504-821-3271.

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