500BestSquarePot Stickers @ Trey Yuen

Almost all Chinese restaurants make dumplings. They’re similar to ravioli, but the stuffing of pork, onion, spinach, and a few other things is folded into the pasta wrapper, instead of being sandwiched. They are usually available either steamed or fried. The latter are more popular, perhaps because of their fun name “pot stickers.” They’re steamed first, the put in a hot wok with a little oil. The bottoms of the dumplings brown to a light crispness, and as they do they stick to the pan. They’re served with ponzu sauce–soy, rice wine vinegar, garlic, red pepper, and green onions. My son fell in love with them when he was about six, and often ate several orders every time we went to Trey Yuen, which makes them better than anybody else.

Trey Yuen's pot stickers.

Trey Yuen’s pot stickers.

Trey Yuen. Mandeville: 600 Causeway Blvd. 985-626-4476.

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