500BestSquareRabbit Sauce Piquant @ Cypress

“Sauce piquant” is a Cajun name for a range of dishes involving many possible main ingredients–most of them on the wild side. Alligator, turtle, and rabbit are the classics. Although the name of the sauce suggests that it’s very spicy, in fact there’s usually just a mild warmth coming from most of them. This is good, because the usual meats in the recipe tend to be light in flavor. Like most Cajun dishes, we don’t see sauce piquant in New Orleans much. But this is a great example of it, the rabbit tender to the point of beginning to fall apart, and the sauce complex and enjoyable, yet light enough that it’s good in any season.

Cypress. Metairie: 4426 Transcontinental. 504-885-6885.

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