RecipeSquare-150x150 The New Orleans Menu dispenses as much information about cooking as it does about dining in restaurants. Our collection includes over 700 recipes, every one of them tested in my own kitchen. About a quarter of them came originally from restaurants, but even when a famous chef hands me a recipe, I try the cooking out at home, and rewrite the recipe in our own format, to make the recipes easier to understand.

Lamb chops from Tomas Bistro.

Although the emphasis in my recipes is on Louisiana ingredients and cooking styles, nobody eats only one kind of food all the time. So we have more than a few ethnic recipes from all of the world.

There is one kind of recipe that is almost completely absent from this collection. If I don’t think a particular dish is very good, I leave it out–even if it’s something famous or popular. I think that a recipe from a cook who doesn’t really like the dish isn’t worth cooking. My tastes are pretty universal, but if I can’t get my head around a concoction, I leave it for other recipe writers to handle.

Asian-style scallops and shrimp.

I find myself spending more time improving my favorite dishes than I do inventing new creations. Although I think it’s important to move forward with the local cuisines, I think it’s also essential to preserve the best dishes of the Creole and Cajun past.

Enjoy! And if when you cook one of these recipes it fails to your palate, please let me know your criticisms.–Tom Fitzmorris.

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