500BestSquareRed Beans And Rice with Chicken Drummettes @ Fury’s

Fury’s is a small, old-style neighborhood restaurant that never got away from the slow-service, cooked-to-order style of such restaurants in the past. That slows the service down, but makes the food delicious. Their Monday red beans and rice special comes with a choice of more meats than one usually finds. You can get hot sausage, a panneed veal cutlet, or even fried oysters. But the best of all are the fried chicken drummettes (that’s the meatiest part of the chicken wing). Fried chicken and red beans are a natural combination. Fury’s regular fried chicken platters (“that’ll take twenty-five minutes, honey!”) are terrific in their own right, but here’s an even better way to enjoy them. The beans are good, too.


Fury’s. Metairie: 724 Martin Behrman Ave.. 504-834-5646.

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