In recent years more restaurants from outside the French Quarter have joined the Reveillon celebration. Chef Frank Brigtsen’s matchless little bistro is the best of them. His Reveillon menus have distilled some of his best ideas into a grander feast than you may ever have had there before. It’s the only Reveillon menu I’ve seen this year in which every single dish is recommendable. Another accolade: I’ve had more people call my radio show to tell me of excellent Reveillon experiences at Brightsen’s this year than about any other restaurant. Not a surprise, but a happy thought.

Four courses, $55.

Oyster Chowder
Bacon and Fennel Filé Gumbo
Chicken and andouille sausage
Mixed Greens Salad
Satsumas, feta cheese, spiced pecans, pickled red onion, and cane vinegar dressing
Sea Scallops Sardou
Creamed spinach and artichokes
BBQ Shrimp with Garlic Bread
Pan-Roasted Pork Chop
Apple cider pan gravy and roasted winter vegetables
Poisson Farci aux Champignons
Pan-roasted Gulf fish stuffed with shrimp, crab béchamel, and sautéed mushrooms
Eggnog Crème Brûlée
Bread Pudding du Jour

Riverbend: 723 Dante. 504-861-7610.
All the Reveillon menus can be perused here. We’ll feature one every day throughout the Reveillon season, which runs in most of the Reveillon restaurants until December 31. The snowflake ratings are for the Reveillon menu, not the restaurant in general.