500BestSquareRoast Beef Poor Boy @ Tracey’s

The window where you place and pick up poor boy orders at Tracey’s.

Tracey’s is a revived name from an Irish Channel bar from long ago. Its management operated Parasol’s for many years, until a disagreement with the landlord caused them to move and change names. However, if you have a fond memory of a roast beef poor boy at Parasol’s, you will recognize the flavor of Tracey’s. You order at the window in the back, grab a beer from the bar, pick up, and eat a poor boy in the old style. Which is to say, “in a bar.” all the best early poor boys came from bars.

Tracey’s. Garden District: 2604 Magazine St. 504-897-5413.

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  1. Amanda on October 10, 2017

    I agree with everything this article says!! Tracy’s is hands down the best for roast beef po’boys in the city, and the gravy fries are phenomenal!!! The gravy made from the roast juices is the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. They also have an “adult Easter egg hunt” in the spring with the “eggs” being bottles of liquor! That was how I discovered Jameson, thanks for that!!