500BestSquareRotisserie Chicken With Roasted Corn Grits @ Zea

Zea is a locally-based chain operated by the Taste Buds–Gary Darling, Hans Limburg, and Greg Reggio, all chefs. The menu is eclectic, but the finest work on it is very basic. Rotisserie-roasted chicken is not only simple, but certainly the best way to cook a chicken. It stays moist, as the juices that would otherwise break loose stay on the surface of the chicken, and intensify the flavors. They make three versions: one a French-style garlic-scented bird, another Italian-style pesto-coated, and a relatively simpler barbecue-seasoned job. All are excellent. They come with a choice of eight or so side dishes, of which the most notable is the stone-ground yellow grits, rich with cream and cheese, studded with corn kernels stripped off cobs roasted on the grill first. The prices are very low. The only problem is getting a table, which is especially challenging in the Zea in the Clearview Mall.

Zea. Harahan: 1655 Hickory Ave.. 504-738-0799.

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