500BestSquareScallops With Fennel And Orange Emulsion @ Rue 127

One of the lightest but also one of the best dishes from this small, brilliant bistro is a trio of enormous diver scallops, seared top and bottom but bulging. The flavor of the sea that releases on the first stroke of the teeth gets slowly ramped up by the orange and fennel flavors. The presence of oyster mushrooms lends a meatiness that satisfies. Chef Ray Gruezke has been known to bat out other fine rendition of scallops. I wonder if he’s ever thought about smoking them. (He recently opened a new barbecue joint at 4141 Bienville, is what makes me wonder.)

Yet another rendition of scallops @ Rue 127.

Yet another rendition of scallops @ Rue 127.

Rue 127. Mid-City: 127 N Carrollton Ave. 504-483-1571.

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