500BestSquareShrimp Remoulade Wedge Salad @ High Hat Cafe

On a menu, this looks like two different starters with a line break left out by the typesetter. When you finally figure it out, you think: this is a great idea. The shrimp are very large for a remoulade, but you get enough of them to turn this into an entree salad. The sauce is the red kind, with a lot of red pepper, and it not only flavors the shrimp but also penetrates through the iceberg leaves. Pickled onions complete an original and yet old-style ensemble of flavors.

Shrimp remoulade wedge salad at High Hat Cafe.

Shrimp remoulade wedge salad at High Hat Cafe.

High Hat Cafe. Uptown: 4500 Freret St. 504-754-1336.

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