500BestSquareShuckee Duckee @ Drago’s

Number One among the dishes on this list in the Absurd Names department, Shuckee Duckee is one of the best dishes at Drago’s. And that’s saying something. The two halves of the dish don’t sound like they’d go together. But they do. The “shuckee” is a pile of pasta with oysters in a very good seafood cream sauce. The “duckee” is a Cajun-seasoned, grilled duck breast, crusty and spicy on the outside, juicy in the center. The two elements come together in a unique dish. Besides that, if you order either part of the dish on its own, it works. You ask for “shuckee shuckee” or “duckee duckee,” I guess.


Drago’s. CBD: 2 Poydras. 504-584-3911.

||Metairie: 3232 N Arnoult Rd. 504-888-9254. This is among the 500 best dishes in New Orleans area restaurants. Click here for a list of the other 499.

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