500BestSquareSirloin Strip Steak @ Delmonico

The name Delmonico connotes a steakhouse in the minds of a lot of people, but that’s not really what this old restaurant is. After over a century on St. Charles Avenue, Emeril Lagasse bought it in 1997. It evolved a long way since, but one thing you can count on is an excellent sirloin strip, USDA prime and dry-aged in house. More important than that, however, is that they’re using the technique Emeril picked up when he was at Commander’s of rendering a sirloin strip (one of the dry-aged cuts) black and crusty on the outside, even if it’s rare in the center. And of applying a convincing seasoning to the steak. And of serving the steak with interesting sauces.


Delmonico. Lee Circle Area: 1300 St. Charles Ave.. 504-525-4937.

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