500BestSquareSmoked Salmon And Bagel @ Stein’s Deli

In this well-worn deli, the refrigerator cases are full of meats from both the Jewish and Italian traditions, and are as fine as can be found locally. This is also true of the breads, which are a godsend if one has grown up eating New York bagels and has a hankering for them. New Orleans has as few good sources of excellent bagels as New York has muffuletta bread bakers. Dan Stein brings his bagels in from New York regularly. Add the silky smoked salmon and the usual accoutrements, close your eyes, and pretend you’re in the Apple. It almost works.

Homemade Bagel and Lox with Cream Cheese, Capes, and Dill

Stein’s Deli. Uptown: 2207 Magazine . 504-527-0771.

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