500BestSquareSoft-Shell Crab Stuffed With Seafood @ Dakota

It looks like a golden-brown, fried baseball with legs and claws. Chef Kim Kringlie thought there was something missing from a soft-shell crab after he cleaned out the gills, so he stuffed the cavities with crabmeat, crawfish, and shrimp, the latter two chopped into pieces about the size you’d use for a crab cake.

Dokota's chef-partner Kim Kringlie.

Dokota’s chef-partner Kim Kringlie.

He kept adding more of the stuffing until it became very impressive to see on the plate. And to the point where one crab would fill you. After frying, the thing is set on a light stew of wild grains, and topped with “Creolaise”–hollandaise with some Creole mustard mixed in. That’s been on the menu at Dakota since the beginning, and when the crabs are available it’s the thing to get if you never did before.

Dakota. Covington: 629 N. US 190 . 985-892-3712.

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