Stewed Chicken With Brown Gravy And Rice @ Joey K’s

Somewhere in the dim past, some force in the New Orleans restaurant community resulted in there being stewed chicken as the Tuesday special in dozens of restaurants around town. The most famous and best was at the old Delmonico. That force seems to have died, and now stewed chicken is uncommon not only on Tuesdays but any day. Joey K’s, whose raison d’etre was the preservation of old conventions like this, makes the home-style, heart-warming platter every week. On Tuesday.

Joey K’s. Uptown: 3001 Magazine. 504-891-0997.

We find this dish to be among the 500 best in New Orleans area restaurants.

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  1. BrooklynSaint on September 30, 2014

    might Joey K’s be kind enough to share that recipe with the rest of us?