500BestSquareStuffed Shrimp In Phyllo @ Maple Street Cafe

Big, peeled, butterflied shrimp, broiled to near-sizzling and served with a butter sauce–that’s a familiar appetizer on menus around town. Some of those involve some kind of stuffing. The version they do at this pleasant little cafĂ© in the Maple Street commercial district is the best I’ve had. The crabmeat stuffing is light and moist, and kept that way by being wrapped with a few layers of phyllo–the flaky pastry widely used in Middle Eastern cooking. The creamy-looking lemon butter finishes off a very good dish. Match a few of those up with the restaurant’s excellent oysters amandine and eggplant cakes with crabmeat, and you have a unique and different seafood platter for an entree.

Maple Street Cafe.

Maple Street Cafe.

Maple Street Cafe. Riverbend: 7623 Maple. 504-314-9003.

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