500BestSquareTacos @ Taqueria Corona

When Taqueria Corona opened on Magazine Street in the 1980s, it transformed our ideas about what a taco was. (Except for those of us who grew up deep in Mexico.) Instead of a crispy, U-shaped corn tortilla filled with ground hamburger, cheese and salad, Taqueria Corona served us grilled chunks of beef (and pork, chicken, and shrimp, plus the exotic beef tongue), wrapped in grilled flour tortillas, with pico de gallo, beans and rice on the side. Lots of places serve tacos like that now, but Taqueria Corona still sets the standard.

Taqueria Corona. Uptown: 5932 Magazine St. 504-897-3974. ||Metairie: 3535 Severn. 504-885-5088. || Harahan: 1827 Hickory Ave. 504-738-6722. ||

This is among the 500 best dishes in New Orleans area restaurants. Click here for a list of the other 499.

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  1. William on May 7, 2014

    Flour tortillas can be great but a real taco demands a real corn tortilla. In fact, arguably tacos are all about the (corn ) tortilla, just as pizza is all about the crust. Surely these days there must be real tacos in the greatest eating city on earth (I don’t know that for certain, but it’s my favorite).

  2. Peggy on May 7, 2014

    Best fish tacos & flan!