The Bounty

The Bounty
West End Park

There was a spate of new restaurant construction along the west side of West End Park in the mid-1970s. The Bounty was the longest-lived of those. With partners, John Fury created and managed the Bounty in its first decade years. Fury was a longtime operator of neighborhood-style New Orleans restaurants. The menu he assembled at The Bounty included all the fried and broiled fish you could get everywhere in West End. But it went on to include a few Italian dishes of surprising goodness, excellent fried chicken, barbecue shrimp, and a full line of steaks.

The Bounty was a little fancier than most of its competitors in West End Park. No boiled seafood and all the mess that entails. It was the first restaurant at West End Park to pass the $10 barrier for a seafood platter, in 1982. It attracted a reasonably loyal clientele. But West End regulars who wanted a little variety probably thought the place overpriced–at least at first. His style of frying, with a light coating of seasoned flour, may have struck some people as too urbane.

The Bounty’s food wound up outliving the restaurant. John Fury left the Bounty to open Fury’s in Metairie in 1983. He and his family are still cooking most of what he did at The Bounty, including stuffed whole flounders.

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  1. T on August 5, 2014

    Just curious about the dates above the article. We left New Orleans in December of 1974, but I clearly remember eating at the Bounty as a kid. Which is why I even looked up the name to see if it was still there. Was there another restaurant named the Bounty on the lake?

    • Tom Fitzmorris on August 5, 2014

      That’s the date that John Fury–one of the original owners–told me, but he said he wasn’t sure. So maybe it was around before that. I will check my back reviews to see if I have an earlier review.

      Tastefully yours,
      Tom Fitzmorris

    • Carol Limberg on September 30, 2014

      I’m the daughter of one of the owners of the original bounty. It opened in 1972. There were other restaurants out at West in before the Bounty. But there was only one Bounty restaurant and it lasted from 1972 to 1992.

      • Debbie on January 11, 2015

        Carol, Do you or your family have any pictures of The Bounty? I have been trying to get one for many, many years.

  2. Kim McDaniel on August 15, 2014

    Yes. I grew up eating at the Bounty prior to 1974 for sure.

  3. Anne on October 1, 2014

    Me too. I remember eating there before 1974.

  4. Kim Lapara on January 7, 2015

    Do you have any pic of The Bounty?

    • Tom Fitzmorris on January 8, 2015

      I don’t, but I wish I did.

      Tastefully yours,
      Tom Fitzmorris

    • Debbie on January 11, 2015

      Thanks Kim, for asking! I was going to do the same thing. Oh, well 🙁

  5. Kim Lapara on January 13, 2015

    Looking for photos or THE BOUNTY.
    Please email: KDNOLA@AOL.COM
    If you find any.
    Thank You!