500BestSquareTurkey Breast And Chopped Liver Sandwich @ Kosher Cajun Deli

Chopped liver is the pate of the kosher-style deli. It’s usually made with chicken livers and chicken fat, among other ingredients. Not everybody likes it, but those who do (and I’m one of them) love the stuff. Here is a sandwich that stands out among Joel Brown’s array of deli works. It’s not only delicious but also rare in these parts. It’s served cool (not cold) on first-class rye bread and sliced red onions.

Kosher Cajun Deli. Metairie: 3519 Severn. 504-888-2010.

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  1. RLHNO on October 11, 2014

    I have been going to the deli for years and I ALWAYS order this. It’s great.