500BestSquareVegetable Soup @ Tujague’s

Tujague’s is famous for its boiled beef brisket. A byproduct of that specialty is homemade vegetable soup. Few stocks are better for making vegetable soup than the one in which briskets were boiled. And here it is, served occasionally as the soup of the day. In the pre-Katrina era, when Tujague’s was open for lunch, a group of French Quarter residents and businessmen met every Wednesday to consume bowls of vegetable soup. Among them a unique habit developed of plopping potato salad into the middle of the bowl. I never could figure that out, but I liked the company and the soup. Nothing could be more delicious on a winter day. And very few other restaurants offer it.

Vegetable soup at Tujague's.

Vegetable soup at Tujague’s.

Tujague’s. French Quarter: 823 Decatur. 504-525-8676.

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