500BestSquareWedge Salad @ Acme Oyster House

Although the famous place for a wedge salad with blue cheese is (and has been for many decades) Charlie’s Steak House, the version served at the Acme Oyster House beats it by the thickness of a lettuce leaf. The Acme’s version is always fresh, loose, and crisp. The dressing is superb and served in such quantity that you almost have enough to take home to dress another salad. And they crumble bacon over it. Tomatoes can be had for the asking.

Acme's famous wedge salad.

Acme Oyster House. French Quarter: 724 Iberville. 504-522-5973.

||Metairie: 3000 Veterans Blvd, 504-309-4056. ||Covington: 1202 US 190 (Causeway Blvd), 985-246-6155. This is among the 500 best dishes in New Orleans area restaurants. Click here for a list of the other 499.

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