500BestSquareWedge Salad @ Charlie’s Steak House

For a while, it looked as though the wedge iceberg salad–also known as the head lettuce salad–was about to disappear. It was kept alive single-handedly for about thirty years by Charlie’s Steak House uptown. Suddenly, all the other steakhouses in town stared serving it again. Then it spread to every kind of restaurant. Although there’s nothing to stop you from having a wedge with, say, thousand-island dressing, blue cheese has always been the standard.

Charlie's Steak House's famous wedge of lettuce.

Charlie’s Steak House’s famous wedge of lettuce.

At Charlie’s, it was actual Roquefort until about ten years ago. (Longtime waitress and Charlie’s sister Dottye Bennett told me that people started to object to the power of true Roquefort.) In the revival years of the salad, bacon has become an expected addition. At Charlie’s, the wedge is draped with thin-sliced raw onions.

Know this: it’s a very large salad, enough for two.)

Charlie’s Steak House. Uptown: 4510 Dryades. 504-895-9705.

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