White Chocolate Cheesecake @ Nuvolari’s

500BestSquareWhite Chocolate Cheesecake @ Nuvolari’s

The Old Mandeville General Store houses this intriguing (in that its menu heads off in many directions) restaurant. Its best dessert is also the best use of white chocolate I have ever encountered. (It’s now time to note that there that white chocolate is not chocolate at all, missing as it does the cocoa liquor that gives real chocolate its unique taste.) It adds a creaminess and a richness that fit much better into the profile of a cheesecake than, say, that of bread pudding. What’s more, the slice towers so high on the plate that it begs to be divided with your dining partner. Good idea to ask for it when you sit down: sometimes they run out in mid-evening.

Nuvolari’s. Mandeville: 246 Girod St. 985-626-5619.

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