500BestSquareWood-Grilled Pompano With Crabmeat And Lobster Butter @ GW Fins

Pompano is the best fish in our seas. In fact, based on my experience so far, it’s my favorite fish in any sea. Chefs who understand pompano’s merits know better than to add very much to it. The version at GW Fins is available most of the time, although the nature of pompano is that it comes and goes a lot.


It’s straightforward: the fish goes on the grill with its skin intact, gets a little crisp at the edges, and has the butter-soaked crabmeat deposited thereupon. The garnish is really unnecessary, but it doesn’t make such a powerful statement that it gets in the way. Also laudable about GW Fins: everything’s fresh, and they don’t hesitate to pull a menu item if they don’t like the looks of it. Know that pompano has a bigger flavor than most fish. That’s what I like about it, but those who don’t like the taste of fish may want to leave it for those of us who do.

GW Fins. French Quarter: 808 Bienville. 504-581-3467.

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