Is Hubig’s Coming Back?

Q. It’s been two years since the fire that shut down Hubig’s Pies. When are they going to be back in operation? They are–aren’t they? Please?

A. This is currently among the most-asked questions I get on the radio show and by email. The week of August 11, 2014, it was asked on the air every single day. Clearly the support is there for the famous turnover-style fried fruit pies to return. However, the way I heard it from a fried who worked for Hubig’s until it went into sleep mode in 2013 was that the Bowman and Ramsey families–both direct descendants of the founders–could not settle on whether to reopen and, if so, where or when.

A look at Hubig’s website ( and its Facebook page seems to indicate that a resurrection is all but certain. They are generating income through the sale of Hubig’s memoriabilia.

What I hear is that they’d like to return to the old plant in the Marigny, but that the reconstruction will be very expensive and require some assistance from the city.

Meanwhile, fan of the pies have been attempting to start their own fund-raising for Hubig’s, which the piemakers say is appreciated but disallowed. They want to keep the name and logos, which might be endangered if they don’t control every use of the iconography.

What’s missing is any kind of schedule for this. The best advice may be for Hubig’s fans to make their own at home. It’s not that hard.

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  1. Mark on August 15, 2014

    Hubig’s should go to kickstart and get crowd sourcing to help fund the return efforts. I thought the come-back was a done deal.

  2. Lois Berry on May 6, 2015

    I’m a huge fan I would love to see the company reopen so the pies can get back in stores , please bring back the custard ones and the bake pies please not only me but there are many people hoping for the store to reopen to get started on baking some pies