DiningDiarySquare-150x150 Left with a rainy Sunday, I volunteered to accompany the Marys to one of their favorites, the Chimes. To their great surprise, I have warmed to this place, but only for their Sunday brunch. I’ve decided it is pretty good, and in some cases like grillades and grits, really good.

But one Mary was already at her house renovation working, leaving me with the Mary who loves Ox Lot 9.

Open Table had nothing available, which, considering the rain, seemed odd. We called and were told to go on over. They were about as busy as the rain would suggest.

I had a show at 1pm, so eating lighter was in order. No beignets with jam for an appetizer. Mary Ann never touches them so I usually eat too many anyway.

She got an all-sides breakfast of fried egg, bacon, and the biscuit she loves here. I went for the Desayuno, which comes and goes from the menu . For a while it was replaced by a papusa, which wasn’t nearly as good as this. Glad to see the Desayuno back.

It’s a corn husk with a fourth of the corncob still there, stuffed, and I do mean stuffed, with a chorizo tamal, served over black beans with crema and an egg.
This is a large plate of food, and not my favorite here. Mary Ann likes it pretty well, so I tried it. I’ll let her eat it. My favorite here has always been the crabmeat frittata.

The french press coffee was exceptionally good today, offering a denser, more complex flavor than usual. I’m not a french press fan, but it’s always better than the average for that style at Ox Lot 9.

I got back to do the show on WWL. With the phones loaded all the time, it’s the easiest thing I do all week.

Ox Lot 9 in the Southern Hotel
428 E Boston St Covington La