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Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris August 31, 2021 13:00 in On The Radio

Now that The Food Show is back on the air live weekdays from 2-4 on WGSO 990 AM, we will be posting all those podcasts daily. 

At the bottom of the podcasts are all the podcasts we did when we were off the air. An explanation follows:

Food Talk with Tom and Mary Ann Fitzmorris

It is important that we stay connected during these times. People continually ask us where they can find the show. We are doing podcasts all day on different topics. They will be labeled accordingly.

"Remembrances" is Tom talking about his life in food and all the restaurants that have come and gone as part of his experience"The Times" was a chance for our food community to connect. We talked to chefs and industry people and each other



April 30th, 2020

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