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Written by Tom Fitzmorris April 14, 2020 09:54 in On The Radio

The latest podcasts from The Food Show on WGSO 990 can be found here.

Food Talk with Tom and Mary Ann Fitzmorris

It is important that we stay connected during these times. People continually ask us where they can find the show. We are doing podcasts all day on different topics. They will be labeled accordingly.

"Remembrances" will be Tom talking about his life in food and all the restaurants that have come and gone as part of his experience.

"The Times" is a chance for our food community to connect. We will talk to chefs and industry people and each other. If you want to call in send us an email with your phone number to We are working on a better way but baby steps.

Tomfoodery. Yes, it is a play on words. Silly food talk that you have come to expect from our days on the Food Show.

The list will be up each day of 30 minute segments and you can choose from those titles and episodes.

Here you will find a list of all podcast episodes.

We are available on both Spotify, Anchor, and by clicking below to play any episode from web or mobile. 

April 30th, 2020

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