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For the first time in the history of the New Orleans Menu, readers have a chance to access the database of Tom Fitzmorris’ extensive chronology of the history of food in our favorite dining city.

Since 1977, Tom Fitzmorris has combined his passion for dining out, his adoration of his hometown, and his incredible abilities as a writer, editor, and layout designer to single-handedly create The New Orleans Menu. What began as a hobby and creative outlet for Tom over 40 years ago grew into the hearts and daily lives of so many readers, and has made Mr. Food an inextricable aspect of our beloved food culture in New Orleans.

With the rapidly changing landscape of the New Orleans food scene, and the cultural impact of a new generation of transplants, it is now more important than ever that this piece of New Orleans history not only be preserved, but shared to be once again enjoyed, or discovered for the first time, by a now blended but no less food-obessed demographic.

We have begun to sort through all of Tom’s vintage works, and have decided to rework our subscription system to suit these content changes. As usual, the Restaurant List, Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, and Daily Food Articles will be available to anyone and everyone on We will also continue to put out a daily newsletter, Monday through Friday, as Tom has always done. The changes will be visible through the different subscription levels, as follows.

The free, Red Bean Edition will remain, and will still be a daily newsletter containing the day’s updates--the latest Feature Article (the “Dining Diary”), a Happening (an upcoming food-related event) and a link to the previous day’s podcast for The Food Show.

The Five-Star Edition will also remain, as a paid subscription. For simply the price of a latte, Five-Star Edition subscribers will receive the above works--Feature Article, Happening, and Podcast--plus The Food Almanac, a selected Vintage Piece or two from one of Tom’s old print publications, a Vintage Dining Diary, and your own personal Ciao Number, a beloved tradition from the old days of the Food Show.

We are so excited by all the ways to share the wealth of this body of work with you, and we will steadily be working to sort through it, republish what we can, and create new modern-day versions of Tom’s fantastic publications. It will be a long, extensive, and massive project, and while we only want to make promises we are able to keep at this juncture, rest assured that we will be updating these subscription perks to bring you more in time, as we are able.

Subscriptions will be available monthly, or with a discounted one-time annual payment. As a nod to Tom’s previous subscription system, you can subscribe to the Five-Star Edition with as much as they choose, or as Tom has always put it, “whatever it’s worth to ya.” To us, it is priceless, and any additional donations towards the preservation and revitalization of The New Orleans Menu would be deeply appreciated. We have a daunting task before us, but have no question that it’s worth it, and we can’t wait to share this legacy with you.

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