Charting Your Coolinary Spots

Written by Tom Fitzmorris August 02, 2019 16:55 in Happenings

Yesterday on the radio show we were asked a question about Coolinary recommendations. 

Mary Ann started looking at menus around town and concluded quickly that she’d rather pay $40 for a dinner she chooses herself, than one with a limited and maybe not-all-that-interesting menu. Intrigued by viewing these menus, we did come up with a few that are interesting.

These will be highlighted individually in the coming weeks, but here is an overall list, starting with my personal favorite, the Pelican Club. I have long said that this is the best value. And it is.

For $39 you have about ten choices for each of two courses, and two choices for dessert. Yes, there is an upcharge for things like lamb, but this is still a value.

Check the website of the restaurant because these menus are not served except on certain days, which vary by restaurant. And restaurants with summer or other specials in place are just using those. Like the Windsor Court’s $19.84 special or Broussard’s $19.20 or Antoine’s $20.19.

Windsor Court and Broussard’s specials are always good, Antoine’s, not so much. Of the straight Coolinarys, we like some of these, with more to come:

Brasa on Metairie Road 

Rib Room


Josephine Estelle





Pascal's Manale



GW Fins




These are just a few of the lists to come. Remember to check the prices, because they vary. And think of the value. Charlie’s Steak House and Dickie Brennan’s and Fogo de Chao are all meat-centric places, where you will never sample steaks, plus two other courses, for $39.

Neighborhood cafes like Katie’s, always great, will be lower than the average, just because they are neighborhood cafes.