Loving Louisiana

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris June 18, 2020 07:43 in On The Radio

Today Eric Cook called in to talk about his new television show with Gordon Ramsey, airing this Sunday at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel. We had the Gris Gris chef on two weeks ago on the Ask The Chef segment and found him so delightful we couldn’t wait to talk again.

The show is in its second season and the premise is that Gordon Ramsey drops in on really interesting places on the globe. I was flattered to hear that Louisiana made the cut with places like Tasmania. And Eric mentioned giraffes and rhinos and explained the producer’s rationale, that Louisiana has crocodiles and wild boar and nutria. And that maybe we take our exotic bounty for granted.

Eric talked about the wild weather that impressed the crew, and the day the swamp airboat hit a cypress knot, throwing a cameraman into the water after a spectacular double flip.

He spoke of the chemistry he and Gordon Ramsey shared and the camaraderie everyone working on the show enjoyed.

We asked about what cooking was done, if any. Eric explained that he and Ramsey cooked side by side and that he was particularly interested in gumbo but wary of cooking a roux.

What was most interesting about Eric’s account of the show was the pre-production stereotypes the show’s crew had about Louisiana, and how Eric had to fight for the finished project to not be cliche Louisiana as some people who have never been here imagine it to be.

Eric Cook is as interesting and imaginative and fun as his food. This will be well worth watching.

National Geographic Channel 

Sunday June 21st 9 pm