Written by Mary Leigh Fitzmorris May 06, 2020 11:40 in Anxiously Awaited

Immediately after the radio show yesterday we headed straight to one of our favorite north shore places for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. No, it wasn’t La Caretta, because this year a lot of other unlikely restaurants did a celebration of this day, just to promote something for business. We obliged.

The Lakehouse on the Mandeville lakefront has gotten a lot of space in this publication because it's beautiful, and delicious. And well, “location, location, location.” And, if ever there was a dynamic duo, it’s owner Cayman Sinclair, and the man who executes all Cayman’s offbeat but wildly successful ideas - Pete Kusiv.

The latest of these ideas is the one from last night. Cinco de Mayo. They had one of their many catering trucks set up on the beautiful and extensive patio. The menu was short and sweet. 

Shrimp tacos. Short rib quesadillas, and a smoked chicken bowl with rice and black beans. And bread pudding just for fun, and familiarity.

ML started with a frozen strawberry margarita. This was so divine, even in a styrofoam cup, that it was irresistible. I should never drink tequila, because I get sort of otherworldly drunk, and fast. It’s a good thing ML was driving, because I floated to the car, stumbling now and then. I know I shouldn’t drink tequila, but this margarita with the rock solid frozen strawberry in the middle kept me coming back.

The shrimp tacos were pretty great.  A light but very flavorful coating that had substantial crunch to it enveloped a lot of shrimp, which nicely filled a flour tortilla. This was topped with a spicy slaw that was very creamy. I could have eaten six of these. Good thing they came as two, and Tom ate the other. 

The quesadillas were quite good as well. Also in very large flour tortillas, the beef was sliced very thin and there was a substantial amount of cheese. Whatever could be wrong with that? These were a little greasy from the melted cheese, but again, whatever could be wrong with that?

The smoked chicken bowl was equally delish. Smallish pieces of chicken were mixed with rice and beans and Mexican veggies like jalapeno and poblanos with minimal cheese here.

All of these portions were plenty enough to eat, and to take some home. And Tom had the bread pudding all to himself, a situation he likes quite a lot.

It was weird to go to the Lakehouse in these social distancing times, because Cayman and Pete are a gregarious twosome. Cayman is the host with the most, and is quite excited to conquer this new challenge. Normally a caterer for big movie productions, now shut down, these two have just spent six weeks catering in Fort Lauderdale for responders caring for the stranded cruise ships. The guy does not miss a beat.

Now that they are back Cayman’s head is spinning with ideas for making this huge patio and lawn his new restaurant. Large sail awnings will be up imminently, his gorgeous lawn furniture placed appropriately, and the Lakehouse will be back in full swing. Cayman and Co. would have it no other way. And we love it!