Yesterday On The Food Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 13, 2020 11:02 in On The Radio

The show yesterday was a lot of fun, starting with a report on my lunch at Fogo de Chao. That was interrupted, happily, but a call from Greg who referred to a podcast he listened to with me on my soapbox about the culinary Great Divide  Which got me back on that soapbox where I rail against the globalization march toward total homogeneity.

We moved onto talking about Abe Lincoln, whose birthday it was. Even though he was born in Illinois and died in Washington DC, I think of him with Pennsylvania because of the Gettysburg address. I threw out the subject of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and Amish food and its purity.

And then we talked lentils and the many different kinds. We moved on to cooking in general, and how out of date home cooking is. Back on that soapbox.

To listen: