An Unlikely Pair

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris June 09, 2020 04:00 in Happenings

In this strange new virtual world, meetings and parties are conducted on Zoom. Wine tastings too. Why not a cheese and chocolate pairing?

St. James Cheese Company hosts Piety And Desire Chocolate this Thursday, June 11th at the flagship restaurant on Magazine Street. Reservations are required and the price is $50. You can order a sparkling wine as an add on. There will be four flights of cheese and chocolate, each one-person portion of cheese is about ¼ pound, paired with a bon bon or chocolate bar. For two people the chocolate selection is paired with a ½ pound portion of cheese.

The pick-up for the class takes place between 11am and 6pm at the 5004 Magazine location. No one is allowed in the store, so you can pick up over the balcony, or call 504-899-4737 for delivery to your car.

The morning of your class you will receive a link to Zoom and a password for the class. The class starts promptly at 7pm and lasts from 1 -2 hours.

Conversations with cheesemongers from St. James and owner Chris Nobles of Piety and Desire Chocolates.

To reserve: or call 504-513-7971.