Bananas Foster @ Arnaud's

Written by Tom Fitzmorris August 20, 2015 08:01 in

500BestSquareBananas Foster @ Arnaud's

Bananas Foster was invented at Brennan's, whose version remains one of the best desserts in town. As often happens, however, a determined imitator made an improvement. Arnaud's version of bananas Foster has a little more cinnamon, a little more dazzle in the preparation, and in every other way is a little bit better. Bananas Foster was created because the Brennans were very intimate with the family that ran United Fruit Company, the world's largest banana importer. It was the recipe of Chef Paul Blange, who inspired most of Brennan's early cooking, and names after the people who owned the Foster Awning Company. To me, the most telling aspect of the dessert is that even the most uppity French chefs I've known think it's brilliant. And it is. The best dessert in New Orleans.
Arnaud's. French Quarter: 813 Bienville. 504-523-5433.
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