Bananas Foster Poor Boy @ 5Fifty5

Written by Tom Fitzmorris December 09, 2012 04:34 in

500BestSquareBananas Foster Poor Boy @ 5Fifty5

I don't know who discovered that if you soak a piece of stale French bread in the kind of liquid custard you'd use to make lost bread or bread pudding. you can bake it afterwards and find that it still looks like a piece of unaltered French bread. The amazing thing is that it now tastes like bread pudding. Mark Quitney of the Marriott Hotel on Canal Street came up with a unique version of the idea, with bananas Foster involved to boot. It's one of the most original desserts I've had in a long time.
5Fifty5. CBD: Marriott Hotel, 555 Canal. 504-553-5638.
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