On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris March 03, 2020 20:27 in On The Radio

They can’t all be gems. That’s the best way to describe yesterday’s show. It started with a detailed report on our happy hour and dinner at Antoine’s Friday night and was followed by a call pretty immediately with an enthusiastic report on Mosca’s. And yes, of course, we talked of Chicken Grande.

It was National Banana Cream Pie Day, which was also the banana pudding with vanilla wafers dish on our metaphorical buffet. 

And we talked Texas, and roadhouses, and barbecue. A sometime caller we really enjoy, David, called about a place he likes for bagels called Small Mart. That was his response to my question about what’s culinarily new in the Bywater. Bagels are food not often seen here, at least good ones. We will check that out.

But the show highlight, or was it low light, came with a call from a former accoun exec for the show, who talked of Del Frisco’s wife Lena. The call made Tom so nervous he was nearly catatonic the remainder of the show. He said "that’s not what this show is about," which was countered by Doug who sternly replied, “That’s exactly what this show is about!”

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