Drink In This Annual Fun Celebration

Written by Tom Fitzmorris November 21, 2019 10:32 in Anxiously Awaited

Some wines we drink because we find their goodness exceptional. Some wines are inexpensive as well as good, and that makes them hard to resist. Another group includes wines that come across for their lightness: light flavors and low alcohol content, great for people who are just learning how to appreciate these qualities. And, finally, some wines have light price points attached to them, for people who aren't certain about many or all of these aspects in a wine. 

All these matters will sound very familiar to the fans of Beaujolais  Nouveau. It's the first batch of wine from the vineyards and wineries that grab the attention of the Beaujolais market. They're refreshing and light, low in alcohol and price, and easy to enjoy even to first-time wine-drinkers. Despite the fame of France's wine history, anyone can enjoy Beaujolais.

Those who think they need to do some homework on these fun refreshers need only to know that Beaujolais is the name of the scheduled time for the wine's release. That's a week before Thanksgiving, and it's a good place for Beaujolais. The "nouveau" notes the welcome youth of the wine.

As is widely known, almost every wine in France has two manifestations: the wines that make the wine in question, and the less-expensive, entry-level wine in the same style. Beaujolais is that second one. Enjoy it wherever it turns up, which is almost everywhere. And it’s a good answer to "What do I drink with turkey?" 

In these wines please you, think about Beaujolais Not-So-Nouveau. After the nouveau version has played out, the full-strength goodness of the wine remains among the most food-friendly in the business.

You don’t have to be an oenophile to love Beaujolais Nouveau. I call this the wine for non-drinkers, and real gourmets tend to sniff at it. But regardless of your level of knowledge or interest in wine, your palate will love this delicious wine, which is celebrated every year on one particular day. That day is today when it is released for sale, with celebrations all around.

There will be several throughout the weekend, but tonight is the 23rd annual Celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau wines at the Degas House. It is the main fundraiser for the French American Chamber of Commerce for the Gulf Coast Region.

Besides tastings of this delicious wine, there will be food from Cafe Degas, Bellegarde Bakery, Maurice’s French Pastries, St James Cheese Company, Crepes A la Carte, and Cafe NOMA among others.

The 23rd Annual Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration

Degas House

2306 Esplanade Ave  New Orleans





And listen to the Food Show today when Mary Ann will taste her favorite wine with regular caller Gregory, of Acquistapace’s. He will bring four for a tasting.