Barry Has Already Blown A Weekend Of Events

Mary Ann Fitzmorris July 12, 2019 13:53 Anxiously Awaited

The storm mania swirling around the city has already wreaked havoc culinarily. It was to be a big weekend, with all the Bastille Day events, and the opening of the new Shake Shack on Veterans Boulevard in Metairie. Not to mention the opening of the space that will make delicious Bellegarde breads readily available to its local fan base. As of now, a delayed opening of Bellegarde is official. The Monday opening of the first local Shake Shack is likely postponed,  but still pending. Couvant has cancelled Bastille Day festivities. And the Grill Room Bastille Day Brunch is definitely off. Arnaud’s has not officially called off their Bastille Day Brunch, but will assess the situation closer to the event.

Regardless of what actually happens in a few hours, the storm has made its mark