Bellegarde Opens Now This Saturday

Written by Tom Fitzmorris July 15, 2019 12:36 in Happenings

As the world here in New Orleans returns to spinning on its normal axis, plans that were interrupted last weekend have been reset. These were important culinary events locally. Most notable, perhaps, is the opening of the retail space for Bellegarde bakery.

This stellar product first came to our attention at the now defunct Chateau du Lac Restaurant in Metairie. Owner Paige Saleun was very excited about this special bread she had just discovered. It turned up in restaurants all over town, but only the ones who weren’t doing their own baking but were still really focused on excellence. 

Quality like this starts at the very origin of the wheat. Owner Graison Gill has become internationally known for his commitment to going back to the origin of the food to craft the most healthful and delicious version of what is desired. He buys heirloom wheat and mills it himself, now supplying customers online with his superior breads and flours.

Bellegarde will now open its doors to customers who want to go right to the source of all this goodness. This Saturday, July 20th, at 8:00 am, Bellegarde Bakery and Retail store will be open for business. 3:00pm will be the  normal closing time on Saturdays, except this one, because a public open house will run from 3-5 pm, giving customers a look behind the scenes and a chance to meet the people who craft this wonderful product. The first fifty customers on opening day will receive a free country loaf.

Bellegarde Bakery

8300 Apple St  New Orleans


Tu-Sat 8-3