When Mediterranean Peasant Food First Dazzled Us

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris October 09, 2019 10:04 in Happenings

Yesterday on the show we talked about Israeli food just a bit, and how delicious it was, finally remembering that what it is really is just an updated version of Mediterranean food. Byblos introduced such food, or rather a more glamorous version of it, to this area 25 years ago.

To celebrate this October anniversary, Byblos Meditteranean Grill on Metairie Rd is offering a $25 three-course anniversary menu through October, which includes a glass of wine. The menu offers a variety of choices and is available at both lunch and dinner.

See the full menu at:  https://www.byblosrestaurants.com/anniversary-menu

And since it is Wednesday, Byblos also has half-price wines by the bottle for their ongoing Wine Wednesdays. Check the website for the full list.

Byblos Restaurant

1501 Metairie Rd Metairie