On The Radio Yesterday...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 19, 2019 08:37 in On The Radio

It was another really fun show yesterday, and we didn’t even have our cheat sheet, the almanac. Pete Kusiw from Lakehouse in Mandeville called in at our request to talk about his crabmeat cheesecake. I will make it for Christmas and I needed some pointers. 

On the buffet that we call our show, the questions that we ask each day that get no calls I’m now referring to as the sad little bowl of banana pudding with Vanilla Wafers that sits there, not chosen by anyone. Today’s banana pudding was: What’s in the candy bowl at your house?  We started talking about old-fashioned ribbon candy. And making your own candy. Then we moved on to sad Christmas wishes unfulfilled, and I brought up Tom’s all-time winner, Mr. Machine. Doug the Oracle is also pretty great finding music, and he dug up the Mr. Machine commercial. And yes, Tom sang it.

More silly fun.

To listen: