Quiet Magazine Street Thanksgiving

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 20, 2019 10:26 in Anxiously Awaited

Uptown hotspot Cavan will have a special Thanksgiving menu along with restaurant signature dishes on the big day. Look for appetizers like Cornbread with Bacon Honey Butter at $12,  and entrees like Roast Turkey Breast with Cranberry Sauce with stuffing and smoked turkey gravy at $35,  and sides like Smoked Turkey Leg Collard Greens for $12, Sweet Potatoes with Sake Cane Syrup for $10, or Roasted Pearl Onions With Green Beans in Mushroom Gravy  for $11. Desserts are Hush Puppy with Cane Syrup Glaze $10, Or Chocolate Pie with Biscoff Butter and Creme Fraiche for $11.

Service will be 10am-8pm


3607 Magazine  New Orleans



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