The Best Coolinary Is Extended

Mary Ann Fitzmorris September 03, 2019 12:07 Happenings

Not only does the Pelican Club have the best Coolinary, it has the longest opportunity to have it. What makes the Pelican Club Coolinary so special, besides its Five Star food, is the selection. Coolinarys around town have always been three choices off the regular menu for the familiar $39. 

For the Pelican Club, the Coolinary menu IS the menu in the month of August, but now also into mid-September. 

With ten appetizer choices and nine entrees, there is no need to wonder if you should get the Coolinary or stick with the menu. Anyone can find more than a few things they desire. And yes, the signature seafood martini is among them. Chef Richard Hughes, who is a fan of Indian food, has a special item on this menu: Thai Massaman Curry Shrimp with Ora King Salmon, Lemongrass and Jasmine Rice and too many other ingredients to mention, cooked in its own pot. This is plus $3. A few other dishes have an upcharge, like a Rack of Lamb, a 1 lb. lobster, and the Whole Crispy Fish, another Pelican Club signature item.

Even the dessert menu is larger than the regular Coolinarys. This is a don't-miss opportunity that won't be around past September 15th.

The Pelican Club

312 Exchange Place  New Orleans


Sun-Th  5:30-9:30pm

Friday & Saturday till 10:00pm