On Yesterday's Radio Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 06, 2020 19:18 in On The Radio

Well, they can’t all be gems. That’s what I was thinking the entire show. We started with a brief debate about the Di Martino’s roast beef poor boy which Tom declares the best, but only because he likes the bread. I disagree with the poor boy but not the bread.

And then we moved on to steaks since it is the birthday of the late great Ruth Fertel. We talked of kinds of steaks and cooking steaks and our honeymoon in Belgium and a tiny restaurant where we cooked our own meat on a hot stone. 

Turns out only 5% of steaks sold are Sirloin Strip. Another debate Tom and I had. I’m a filet girl and he likes his chewy sirloin strip. We compared Au Poivre sauce and Bearnaise. Steaks led to mushrooms which led to mushroom powder, and Mandy Lee of (ladyandpups), and Mahjong. Yes, Mahjong.

And we spent a few minutes with Alan who called about the DH Holmes restaurant Potpourri from yesterday’s show.