Friday On The Radio Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 23, 2019 19:57 in On The Radio

Friday’s show was one I have been promising for awhile. We had Adam Acquistapce in from the north shore. He operates, along with his brother and father,  a grocery store and two wine and spirits stores, one in Mandeville and one in Slidell. He brought three medium-priced bottles of bubbly for the holidays. One was a sparkling wine whose house is 500 years old, a Schramsberg, and a really delicious champagne called Labruyere. It was a great conversation, and very informative. We learned some words to throw around and impress your friends. And he wasn’t even upset that I almost killed him with a flying cork as he tried to teach me how to safely open a bottle of bubbly. Some good suggestions for your holiday drinking.

To listen: