Friday On The Radio...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 17, 2020 13:03 in On The Radio

Friday on the radio we talked Valentine’s Day, but only a little. And mostly about the actual St. Valentine and why he was martyred. 

Most of the show was a report on lunch at Dickie Brennan’s, following a tip by Don Clement. There was much to say about this, and it generated a call from Don Clement. From there we talked of Cleo’s Meditteranean, which was the new tenant in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Giovanni.

Tom had a tiny king cake I brought him from The Windsor Court, where I also picked up a glass of champagne which I needed for the show. We talked about cookies a bit, and sandwiches on the occasion of the anniversary of the slaying of James Cook in Hawaii, which was then the Sandwich Islands.

To listen: