Introducing Another Pasta Universe

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris October 01, 2019 08:12 in Happenings

Incredibly, the year has advanced now to October. How can it be October already? Not much point in pondering this. It will be November before we know it. But, October is National Pasta Month, and to celebrate, Bellegarde Bakery is starting its sales of hand-crafted pastas made with 100% stone-milled flour. The bakery is located at 8300 Apple Street in New Orleans, and is open Tuesday-Saturday 8-3.

Hand-crafted pastas for sale:

Casarecce  100% Organic Wheat

Malfaldine  100% Durum Flour

Rigatoni  100% Durum Flour

Spaghetti  100% Organic Wheat

Strozzapreti  100%  Organic Wheat